Never Sell A Quiet Rally, Hog Highs Now? Major Bottoms Now Past? OJ, etc*8
Alan Palmer of - - Thu May 16, 12:28PM CDT

So hogs have beat that snoot out of you. You TRADERS IN FOR LONG HAUL found that's not you. Lessons or tuition when trading real money, is expensive.

Your dealing with crooked banksters in private chat rooms trading off their own customers, news.

I have NO SELL LEVELS LHM. For whatever that means. Learn what it means and join for private vouce updates, charts.

Self directed fine, or do it here yourself and I will semi watch. Small limits so you dont blow your foot off. And an ACH if your idiosa'. Lolmofu.

Guys coming in wanting to buy corn on News buldge got a facefull. Corn has bottomed but we got @%break that follows a pattern. Corn users? Its past and by time you realize we may be a buck off bottom. Calls rule- when they double 100% TAKE OFF HALF you gamblers. Buy calls on 3c-6c breaks in calls.

They aint covered much corn but today is when we LOSE YIELD PER DAY. ??. Thats what you preaching guys.

Game on farmboy's.

Funds need 3Bil BU TO FLIP LONG BY July?

A traders brain. Did you buy a call a day the last 20 days of bearish water torture?

Facecous but true?

Buy FC calls where you would like to sell, hedge again? 160. Iran nukes RU? In IS meassels exploding.

How are all you rural guys bearish LC FC Down here? Who do you listen to? MUTE THE NEWS OR LOSE.

Buy lower by my extreme's. I have paid over $27k commission in old days. Trading has costs and I feel I provide pivot levels at extreme's where we close our eyes because we know were going to get killed,

But we don't. 1st time anyways.

What I deliver are high impact

Breakouts (LHM 9020)

Spike downs CN 344 OLB with more under. It held, up 10%, down ?%, a buy in my book. Now we explode? I could be wrong. Wheat down 20% on year was it?

NEWS- barley and wheat selling may be ending( the money guys) Its when the big boys decide is when game begins. Corn- Some fat lazy money may decide corn delays.. Off exchange derivative?

.. Enough, games change.

Now. I do not hype but feel were ready, pay attention and trade off good charts. Yes they must have lines or useless.

Stocks- Im so bearish, sharply higher, I cant see straight? Lie.

Rule- think for yourself, a Jessie rule, read it or open. CT exp.

I just reloaded book order for new clients.

You cant be stupid when trading real money.

Too much slippage tough guys now humbled in LH, imo.

LCM10935 LOW

JUNE CATTLE AT AN APEX. If you think this chart is more illuminating than others, email me and maybe we can see if it works for you.

OJ- NASDOG LUNNEY called low, 91-ish OLB missed by, you know, /50c.

Now up 9060 to 107 or 17%+ in three nanoseconds.

Different disciplines or traders converge is what we offer also.

Were you working that extreme? You must use extremes to stand at these massive not seen in long while price swings.

This is my macro I keep pounding table on.

Chaos and panic algorithms are crushing the inexperienced traders since the VIX VOLATILITY exploded firms in Feb last year.

Trading workshop to teach you how to quantify large price swings that all have the same characteristics. LC and FC diamond downmofu inyourface

15 days IN A ROW.

The GS hood ornament prevention program I offer. When it broke up, 400, then back to lows.

Watch out down BUT, I have buy levels lower report for purchase.

By now you have seen LHG 9053 or FCQ 159.80, CZ 344, OJ touted the last week+ to keep eye on to buy. US one day good, then gapped over, then retest sell by lows yest.ARP in Wheat Pit lifetime ago

I offer you an in-depth,

Whatever it takes to get into your skull,

Using risk stops and waiting OPEN ORDER STANDING.

You want to be planting when Alan calls and says hey,

You bought FEB HOGS by low and it still hasnt retested. Yeah when you were blowing out if some because your not long term haul. Is it the word Haul why you 100% ALLLLL INNNN


100%. All OUT.

I think we trade units, and small.

I cant babysit that many and if you have profit and need a # please call. Corn and wheat highs had 1st time sells. Corn sells must be broken so buy stop over what? 4.01 Buy the World? Fat lazy money might be?

Game changes in fantaseconds.

Consider buying research and a little common sense education about risk from a Soybean Pit trader that bought day of 1987 stock crash.

Sell levels for stock market service to pro traders as well as you. Coffee U 91.60 folks has been cited again.

Lets make a deal where I provide tools to students of markets.

Each rule of mine has cost $50k each, or triple.

Thats when you dig deep into your methods

And fix whats wrong.

With me, my Trading community is deep with a common sense traders rules over last four decades.

That why your right, I'm different.

I unlike the salesman am a trader,

Not a Salesman.

Get paperwork filled out.

Its your money but start with decent not chump change.

If serious. All things come at once like now. Apprentices learn this from me. Or you play the stalwarts like EP, dow, mini Nasd guys. My pros respect after weeks.

I can provide your price research levels from which to trade around. Big ones can be powerful as we have seen. TSLA green buy?

Get orders in ahead of time,

Not when you buy with the herd!

And a guy like me says


1st time up, use stop or perish.

Let's be careful out there. Request a look at what a chart should look like with T's crossed and i's dotted. Buy wheat sell corn has OLB live. You sell corn, not me but this is about value plays.


Alan Palmer

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