Feed Division



WESTCO™ Feed provides feed sales and services to the Wyo-Braska Region’s producers, with convenient locations in Alliance, Ashby, Gering, Mirage Flats, Morrill, Oshkosh, and Torrington. WESTCO™ Feed offers delivery services directly to your ranch or operation with Ledwell paddle trailers to handle bulk feed or flatbed trailers for bagged or toted feed.

WESTCO™ Feed is proud to offer sales of Farmers Ranchers Feed, Purina, Sinamco Mills, and Vitalix. This variety of product allows our WESTCO™ Feed Specialists to work one-on-one with area producers to ensure that we develop a plan that will work for them.

Stop in to your nearest WESTCO™ Feed location or call a WESTCO™ Feed Specialist to discuss your individual feed situation.


Alliance                (308) 762-8808

Ashby                  (308) 577-6325

     Toll Free          (800) 461-8031

Gering                  (308) 436-2166

     Toll Free          (800) 445-4809

Mirage Flats          (308) 232-4534

Morrill                   (308) 247-2126

     Toll Free          (800) 445-5454

Oshkosh               (308) 772-3725

Torrington             (307) 532-7025

     Toll Free          (800) 441-6723

Wheatland            (307) 322-1829


Feed Specialists

Jared Mracek (308) 760-0909

Dan Keener (308) 631-3390

Cole Vejraska (308) 430-0201


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