Winterizer Fertilizer Application


To enjoy a lush green lawn next Spring, now is the prime time to apply Jirdon Winterizer Fertilizer. Many experts agree that the most important time to fertilize is in the fall.  Jirdon’s premium formula has enough iron to resist winter damage and sufficient nitrogen for vigorous root development. 

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WESTCO Soil Lab at CSC


Chadron State College held the Rangeland Complex dedication on Saturday, September 26, 2015.  WESTCO was one of the donors honored.  The Soil Lab has been named in recognition of WESTCO’s support on this project.  WESTCO is proud to support agriculture students at CSC.


On-Site Seed Treater




WESTCO is your local wheat seed supplier.  We recommend treating your wheat seed to protect against seedling disease.  WESTCO can treat your seed on the farm with our new portable seed treater. Contact your WESTCO Agronomist today to order your wheat seed.

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