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Eclipse your hunger when you stop by a WESTCO C-Store this week. Get two regular size candy bars for just $2.00, or two king size candy bars for just $3.00. WESTCO C-Stores are located in Alliance, Crawford, Hemingford and Torrington. This offer is good through August 20th.


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The Great American Eclipse

     For over a year, anticipation has been building for the total eclipse on Monday, August 21st. Now with the event just a few days away, preparations are over as the area begins to brace for an influx of visitors.

     Dubbed “The Great American Eclipse,” because at least a partial eclipse will be visible across the United States, the path of totality runs diagonally from Oregon to South Carolina. Communities in the WESTCO trade area will be on or close to the path of totality including Alliance, Bayard, Bridgeport, Crawford, Hemingford, Hyannis, Mitchell, Morrill, Oshkosh, Scottsbluff and Torrington.

     In Alliance, where the full eclipse will take place at 11:49 a.m. and continue for approximately two and a half minutes, estimates have ranged from 10,000-20,000 visitors. Regardless of the exact number, there are going to be more vehicles on the road and consumers in the area than normal. Locals have been advised to stock up on groceries and fuel up vehicles before visitors start arriving.

     WESTCO Petroleum Manager Jess Wimmer was recently interviewed by the Alliance Times-Herald. Wimmer said, “I don’t have an exact quantity for you. We’re kind of treating this like it’s a big holiday weekend. Our common practice is to go into any holiday weekend full at all of our facilities. We’ll do the same here for the eclipse.”

     “We do have bulk facilities because we do wholesale fuel as well. Those will serve as our backup in the event that we’re really going through the product. We’ll try to stay resupplied for the weekend.”

     Wimmer added that WESTCO C-Stores will stock up on extra product inside and have more bottled water on hand. As usual, pumps will be open 24 hours a day, meaning fuel will be accessible for those paying with a card at the pump.


 The WESTCO Tire Centers in Alliance, Hay Springs, Rushville, and Gordon service tires of all shapes and sizes. Call your local service center for any of your tire repair needs. 

Alliance 308-762-3291
Hay Springs 308-638-4423
Gordon 308-282-1033
Rushville 308-327-2438






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