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WESTCO and Winfield are partnering on this 40 acre Corn Answer Plot site just outside of Gering, Nebraska.   The Gering Answer Plot is now the largest 'corn only' research site planted in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri.  This answer plot will be the primary "Winfield Vision Plot" for Western Nebraska. Winfield Vision Sites will be the primary research and training center for growers and agronomists from a three state area.  This site will study and research Crop Protection & Crop Nutrition products from many major US manufacturers.  The corn plot is approximately double in size of any previous plots in Central States.  Studies will include seed from four major seed companies Croplan, DeKalb, NK, Mycogen.  The Gering Answer Plot will produce around 4,336 data points just from this year alone.

Visit https://youtu.be/vGuriiqbBFA to see the planting process.




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You never know what you are going to see driving down a country road. Have we stepped through a time dimension? No, it’s just Greg Starck and his team of horses of Lingle, Wyoming planting Croplan alfalfa purchased from WESTCO.  Greg started his planting on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 and finished on Friday, May 6, 2016.  In all, about 20 acres were planted with the horse drawn team.






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