Feed Division 



WESTCO serves the region’s livestock producers with stores in Alliance, Ashby, Gering, Mirage Flats, Morrill, Oshkosh and Torrington.  Our Feed Specialist work directly with producers on their farms and ranches in developing solutions to maximize profitability in their operation.

As a Purina dealer, we provide a full line of feed for our customers, including the ability to deliver with a fleet of trucks and trailers, including several Ledwell paddle trailers.  We also distribute Vitalix lick tubs.

Stop in to one of our stores or call one of our Feed Specialist to discuss your individual feed situation.


Alliance                (308) 762-8808

Ashby                  (308) 577-6325

     Toll Free          (800) 461-8031

Gering                  (308) 436-2166

     Toll Free          (800) 445-4809

Mirage Flats          (308) 232-4534

Morrill                   (308) 247-2126

     Toll Free          (800) 445-5454

Oshkosh               (308) 772-3725

Torrington             (307) 532-7025

     Toll Free          (800) 441-6723

To meet with one of our Feed Specialist contact...

Jared Mracek (308) 760-0909

Bryant Pritchett (308) 778-6711